Electrolytic, Tantalum

and Film Capacitors

Hitachi AIC Japan is a world class manufacturer of high quality Aluminum Electrolytic, Plastic Film and Tantalum Capacitors. In-house development and manufacturing including etching and forming of anode foil is a big advantage ensuring Hitachi AIC Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors have out-standing quality, small dimensions, low losses and a very low field failure rate (FIT rate).

Additionally Hitachi AIC supports the environment as Hitachi Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are often used for renewable energy sources like wind and solar inverters.




  •     Snap-In Capacitors: up to 500V
  •     Screw-Terminal: up to 550V
  •     Board-Mount: up to 450V



  • High Performance
  • Ultra small size: 0603, 0805
  • Low ESR types
  • High Reliability, High Temperautre: up to +150°C

Plastic Film


  • High Technology for Lighting Electronic
  • Concumer Product
  • LCD, Flat and Touch Panel Display
  • Power supplies for GPS and Telecoms



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