RF Transmission Modules

Settled in the Alps, birthplace of microelectronics and nanotechnologies (MINATEC) and close to the ST Microelectronics and Schneider worldwide headquarters, ADEUNIS RF is THE very specialist in design, manufacturing and marketing of radio frequency transmission systems made with the state-of-the-art technologies in compliance with the standards.


The products that we develop (modules and "ready for use") and the services that we offer range over any kind of wireless application: from the consumer market (domotics – alarms – access control…) to the most industrial ones (AMR – automation – robotics – remote control – I/O systems…), as well as radio transmission applications that require "long range" transmission or in disturbed environments (transport, aeronautics, medicine, agriculture, wireless communication…).


They use ISM 433/434 – 868/869 – 915MHz et 2.45GHz frequencies according to the current standards and can be used without a licence.


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