GPRS/3G/4G Routers &

AVL Tracking Systems


GWR-HS Cellular Router Series


GWR-HS cellular router series represents a group of high speed routers specially designed for those applications where high speed data transfers (up to 100 Mbps) over GSM network are required.



GWR Cellular Router Series


GWR cellular router series is designed to meet the requirements of most demanding M2M applications. GENEKO R&D team developed and implemented complete set of advanced features.



GWR-I Cellular Router Serie


GWR-I router series represents a group of industrial graded routers specially designed for expansion of existing industrial networks, remote telemetry and data acquisition in harsh environments.



AVL Tracking

FOX tracking devices for complete fleet control


Fox Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) devices give you real-time control of your mobile resources, so you can: locate, track, communicate as well as monitor vehicle statuses and important events. Combining GPS data with GSM wireless communications and Internet technologies, the Fox devices provide higher efficiency, better service, greater profitability and improved security in vehicle tracking.


GPS Vehicle Tracking System is a must nowadays, especially if you are in transport, logistic business or you just want to protect your valuables as an individual. Fox AVL devices help you make the most of your mobile assets. Our innovative technologies, powerful features and advanced functions allow you to remotely monitor fleets using Internet connected PC or mobile phone. We provide basic, lite, full and advanced version of AVL devices to satisfy various needs.


Either you want to establish complex fleet tracking system or just to set up one vehicle tracking, we have a solution for you.


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