NEW 3G modem and 3G AVL system

GenPro 325e

GenPro 354e

GenLoc 354e



IoT product certified



In order to respond to customer needs and guide them towards the most appropriate technologies and networks for their applications and economic models, Adeunis RF has chosen to master Sigfox and LoRa technologies and to incorporate these technological components into its modules and finished products.




The following are available:


- Si868-25mW module

- Sigfox Evaluation Board

- Sigfox Demonstrator


- Lo868-25mW module

- LoRaWan Demonstrator

- LoRaWan Sensors


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Embedded Industrial microSD Cards for

Reliable, Long Life Designs



Embedded applications requiring the smallest form factor memory storage design and needing high endurance, high reliability and/or long life cycles with locked BOM control should consider Industrial microSD cards.


The Industrial Grade micro SD are based on SLC NAND memory and have extremely high endurance cycles. Industrial microSD are not common since most microSD cards are built strictly for cost in the consumer market. These consumer microSD cards are based on the lowest cost memory, which today is TLC (Tri-Level-Cell) NAND and have limited endurance of as little as 200 writes per physical block.


In addition to using the highest reliability SLC NAND die, Cactus locks the BOM on our Industrial microSD cards so the part that is sampled and qualified is the same as the part received in production. Combine this with our long life cycles and you have a product that will last over 5 years without any requirements for additional qualification.



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