Adeunis announces the commercial launch of the sigfox Repeater!







 The collaboration between sigfox and Adeunis, revealed 2 months ago, the development of a repeater product. It has indeed paid off and gave birth to the only sigfox Repeater product available on the market!


Today, earlier than expected in the initial planning, Adeunis announces the commercial launch of the first limited number of pieces before the planned mass production phase in the second quarter of 2018.



Adeunis offers you 2 packs:



Pack 1 contains:

- 1 x Repeater sigfox kit including:

2 repeaters, 1 reference transmitter

and all the necessary cables

(reference ARF8169BA)

- 5 x sigfox Repeaters

(reference ARF8168AA)




Pack 2 contains:

- 1 x Repeater sigfox kit including:

2 repeaters, 1 reference transmitter and all the

necessary cables

(reference ARF8169BA)

- 25 x sigfox Repeaters (reference ARF8168AA)


About the adeunis® sigfox Repeater


The Repeater provides the possibility to extend the existing network to ensure

the connection of many different type of devices, especially in deep-indoor areas.

The Repeater allows all products to access the Sigfox network and it can be

associated with any type of sigfox transmitter.

To facilitate the installation process, Adeunis also provides optimized installation

kits to its customers as needed.

The goal is to be able to set up this product quickly and in total autonomy.


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