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Who is BECK IPC?


Control, communicate or visualise your machines?  It's possible with BECK IPC's updated product range!

For many years, Beck IPC GmbH has been Master Chips's supplier for both "Embedded" and finished products for control, communication and visualisation in our customers' automation projects.

Their basic technology is the one chip computer (IPC@CHIP®). Enhanced with add-on technologies, it provides a wide range of effective solutions, from modules to highly developed services.

Range Beck IPC Chips : 

  • SC143-LF / SC143-IEC-LF
  • SC23 / SC23 - IEC
  • SC243 / SC243-IEC3
  • SC24 / SC24-IEC / SC24-PIS
  • SC143-PIS-LF / SC143-LF-IEC-PIS
  • SC145-0001 / SC145-0002

Beck IPC - from Embedded Chips to finished controllers

Originating from the production of One Chip Computer components, Beck IPC has gradually expanded their product range. Besides different variants of the chips themselves, they have also started producing finished controllers.

These, through their Edge Computing capabilities, give a wide spectrum of possibilities to further automate machines or other assets.

BECK IPC Solutions

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