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Who is Sierra Wireless ?

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Transforming to a connected world? Sierra Wireless can help you with it. 

As an IoT pioneer, Sierra Wireless wants to enable businesses and industries to transform to a 'connected economy'. To that end, building innovative wireless solutions is their main goal, and they also see this as their 'DNA'.

With more than 24 years of experience in the IoT market, Sierra Wireless is known for its innovative products and solutions that already connect thousands of businesses with critical data and millions of people with information. Their products help customers enter the market faster, leading to saving lives, reducing carbon emissions, or making neighbourhoods safer.

Sierra Wireless Routers & Gateways, for every customer the right solution

Sierra Wireless has 2 ranges of routers and gateways. As a result, they have an optimal solution for every customer. We are happy to think with you to find the best suitable model. 

The Performance Series

The Performance Series routers are designed for customers who demand the best for mission-critical applications in extremely harsh environments both indoor, outdoor and in vehicles.

They offer the ultimate combination of secure, cellular LTE and Wi-Fi performance, with high availability and network flexibility in a robust form.

The Essential Series

The Essential Series routers are designed for mission-critical applications in vehicles, indoor and protected outdoor locations.

They offer an optimal balance of secure, reliable LTE connectivity with Wi-Fi and WAN failover capabilities in a compact form factor.

Sierra Wireless - Performance Series


AirLink® XR90 High Performance 4G/5G Wi-Fi 6 Multi-Network Vehicle Router

The industry's best-performing 5G router built specifically for vehicles

Future-proof, cartridge-based design for additional features and capabilities

5 Ethernet ports and dual 4X4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6

AirLink Premium for remote access and reporting functionalities


AirLink® XR80 Expandable 4G/5G Wi-Fi 6 Multi-Network Router

Expandable 4G/5G Wi-Fi 6 Multi-Network Router

Compact 5G router for many applications

Easily expandable to multiple radios and more functionalities using cartridge-based design

4 Ethernet ports and 5x4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6

Remote access via AirLink Complete


AirLink® RX55 Industrial IoT Router with Edge Compute

300Mbps/150Mbps (DL/UL) LTE ROUTER

Dual-Band Wi-Fi with GNSS & CAN Bus for vehicle applications (Optional)

Low Power, Ethernet and two serial ports for industrial applications

Robust design for industrial IoT and private network applications

Centralised remote management services


AirLink® RV55 Rugged LTE-A Pro Router

600Mbps/150Mbps (DL/UL) LTE-Advanced Pro Router

Dual-Band Wi-Fi (Optional), GNSS

Ethernet and dual serial port to connect devices

Robust design for industrial and vehicular applications

Secure remote network management in the cloud or locally


AirLink® RV50X Rugged 4G LTE-A Router

LTE-Advanced Router that consumes less than 1 watt at 2G ger consumption. 

Ideal for solar-powered applications

Rugged, industrial form factor

Enables edge computing applications with ALEOS Application Framework (AAF)

Secure remote network management in the cloud or locally.


AirLink® MG90 Rugged Multi-Network 4G and 5G Vehicle Router

Rugged Multi-Network 4G and 5G Vehicle Router

Industry-leading, dual-radio vehicle network router

Expandable multi-network connectivity with millisecond network switching

Mobile, multi-network security with the AirLink® Connection Manager (ACM)

Instant network visibility and control with the AirLink® Mobility Manager (AMM)


AirLink® MP70 Rugged 4G LTE-A Pro Router

Provides high performance for in-vehicle networks (VAN)

Offers connected vehicles an awareness

Built specifically for vehicles

Provides secure, intelligent communications

Network management in the cloud or locally

Sierra Wireless - Essential Series


AirLink® LX40 Ethernet LTE Router

Small, compact form factor

Power-over-Ethernet (powered device)

Wi-Fi option available


AirLink® LX60 Dual Ethernet LTE Router

Dual Ethernet LTE Router

Primary and backup connectivity

LTE and global support

Dual Ethernet port, RS232 & RS485 and multiple I/Os for equipment connection

Optional Wi-Fi and GNSS option

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