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Measuring has never been easier through our wireless sensors

Adeunis specialises in developing and producing "connected devices" and ready-to-use wireless solutions focused on IoT (Internet Of Things). For this, they use the latest technologies such as LoRa, Sigfox, Nb-IoT or LTE Cat M1. 

With already more than 20 years of experience within the IoT business, Adeunis offers a technological solution for your IoT needs. Together, we always try to find the best solution for You.

Whether you want to measure the energy consumption, better manage a building, check the level of a tank or be warned when a machine shows a defect,... always with these products we have solutions and services that meet your most diverse needs.

This with the latest technologies and innovative solutions and using the private or /and public IOT networks.

Adeunis' fields of activity

Smart Building

Adeunis Smart Building

Energy Performance

Improve your multi-technical management: analyse the values of meters (electricity, gas, water...) and monitor in your rooms the temperature, humidity, lighting...


Monitor the proper operation of equipment remotely and anticipate the maintenance of the boiler, solar panels ventilation system...

User comfort

Gather information on the use of your buildings to optimise your service offerings (cleanliness, occupancy of meeting rooms, concierge services...) and improve occupants' quality of life.

Smart City

Smart City


Offer optimal service to satisfy the city's residents, visitors and staff.


Monitor your installations and ensure the good condition of your infrastructure

Energy efficiency

Guarantee the energy performance of your buildings, equipment and networks.

Smart Industry

Smart Industry

Operations & Maintenance

Optimise your maintenance operations: monitor your installations to reduce your operating costs to the minimum.

Energy efficiency

Analyse and reduce your machine consumption to optimise your energy costs.

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