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One of the most popular Linux computers in the world

Take advantage of the industrial Raspberry Pi with PIXtend and Pi-Tron

The PiXtend® product range consists of electronic controllers based on the Raspberry Pi, as well as expansion boards for digital and analog inputs and outputs. The products are used in industrial applications, mainly in equipment and machine building. The Pi-Tron CM3+ is best suited for communication tasks and is an optimal complement to the PiXtend® products.

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Strengths of the industrial Raspberry Pi!

► Mature product platform

Various CPU designs, complementary I/O modules and display units intelligently combined for control and visualization solutions

► Short "TIME to Market."

Benefit from rapid migration from Raspberry Pi prototype to series product

► Industrial Starter Kit

With the starter kit, you can easily determine if the Pi-Tron CM3+ with the Raspberry Pi compute module meets your requirements

► Comprehensive Software Pool

Ready-made projects for almost any application are available on the Internet Instructional videos from the Raspberry Pi community provide instructions for installation, programming and project implementation

► Video documentation

Instructional videos from the Raspberry Pi community provide instructions for commissioning, programming and project implementation

► Lower Software Cost

The latest open-source software is available anytime through the Raspberry PI community, with no licensing fees 

► Industrial Raspberry Pi

A unique cooling concept and robust stainless steel housing make our products suitable for industrial use

FAQ about industrial Raspberry Pi

PiXtend® can be programmed with the programming languages C, Python and CODESYS, in addition a connection to Node-RED is possible.

These communication protocols are supported: - Ethernet (TCP/IP, UDP), Modbus RTU (RS485), Modbus TCP (Ethernet), CAN-Bus (Layer 2), MQTT - Only with CODESYS: CANopen, J1939, EtherCAT, ProfiNet, EthernetIP, OPC UA

Unfortunately, no, the computing module only supports the use of eMMC storage or an SD card.

Raspberry Pi is one of the best-known embedded Linux computers in the world. Its success began in the maker community, but it has long become an industry favorite. The software pool created and maintained by a very active community is an ideal base for creating Rapid-prototyping applications, and there are numerous how-to videos on project implementation available.

Based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, Master Chips has a solution tailored to your needs, equipped with numerous industrial interfaces and features. Touch screens can be directly connected via DSI or micro-HDMI, and the 24V power supply facilitates integration with industrial applications. These features provide you with a tool for fast and safe development and testing of your applications. As an optional service, the evaluation board can be customized to your specific needs. Where necessary, an entirely new board is developed to achieve minimum serial production costs and optimal dimensions. Make the BL Pi-Tron CM3+ plinth your companion in the industrial Raspberry Pi world


     ○ Highly scalable computing power

     ○ Standard technology

     ○ Possible customization

     ○ Rapid migration from PI prototype to series product

     ○ Powerful interfaces for heavy-duty industrial applications

     ○ 24V power supply


     ○ Industrial interfaces

     ○ Rapid prototype construction

     ○ Customizable on demand (cutting, form factor, housing)

     ○ Large community via open source software

     ○ Short time-to-market

     ○ Good value for money

     ○ Goede prijs-kwaliteitverhouding


     ○ Human-machine interface

     ○ Industrial communication

     ○ M2M (machine-to-machine)

     ○ Building automation

     ○ POS displays

     ○ Infotainment/Entertainment

     ○ Portable Systems BL PI-TRON CM3+ Board - Line F